Sunday, January 1, 2012

About my book

Jim Scott and friends (now called Janitors—as in they clean up other people's messes) are back for another kick at the can in Back to Iraq, the second book of the nine book “Janitor” series. All the folks who helped Jim and Holly in Baghdad Butcher are back with a few new additions. The basic team set up at the end of Butcher is augmented by a new character. We also have a briefly mentioned character in this book who will become prominent in later books when he joins the team. This time around, Jim and team are headed for Iraq within 72 hours of 9/11. For all of you who enjoyed Butcher and have been making requests (in some case repeated requests) for the next book, here it is…enjoy. The remaining books of the series should be released at this site within the year. Please see Excerpt and two short “Attaboys” below. General Bradley grunted, “Coming from a jarhead, I’ll take that as a compliment.” Hector groaned as he glanced at Jim. “Hey, amigo, you gonna let him talk about the Marines that way? He’s surrounded by Marines and has nerve enough to come out with that crap.” “And Air Force,” joked Drew. Hector tilted his head. “Come again?” Drew grinned. “He’s surrounded by Marines and Air Force. I was Air Force Intelligence before going over to CIA. Didn’t Jim ever tell you that, Hec?” Hector sighed. “Naw. He treats me like a mushroom…you know, keeps me in the dark and feeds me horseshit.” General Bradley laughed at that, then looked at Drew. “Isn’t ‘Air Force Intelligence’ an oxymoron?” Drew shook his head. “No. You’re thinking of ‘Senate Intelligence,’ as in the Senate Intelligence Committee.” General Bradley smiled. “As a member of the Administration, I didn’t hear that…in spite of how much I might agree.” · “Like reading adventure novels that—without much of a stretch of your imagination—might just be REAL? Read Back To Iraq.” John Rollston B/Gen USAF (Ret) “This squid can really write, Semper Fi.” Sgt. Jacob Warden, USMC